EVERGREEN AND WHITE LABEL CONTENT WITH REAL OLD SCHOOL PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS! I strive to add products that have none of that modern mumbo jumbo, and our terms are easy to understand. This is true old school PLR which you can resell in your own shops, with full license or license of your choice.


I began Green Content out of frustration with what the PLR industry has become in the hands of a modern niche which has completely changed and rewritten the definition of what PLR and MRR is and always was. Even the term Commercial Use has been misused and abused as a description for PLR. 

After leaving the PLR and Marketing industry years ago to pursue another avenue for several years, I came back to an unrecognizable industry. The old schoolers are still around and thriving, but you have to know where to find them, and I luckily still had some of my old connections. 

The "new industry niches" are using the old terms to describe something completely different now, and if you are not careful, and assume these new niches are the same, (or that they  actually know what PLR is, they don't) you may find yourself with a lot of extra work on your hands. The modern use of the term "Done For You" is also deceptive, as it still means your use of the products are limited, not PLR, no matter how they attach those letters (PLR) to a product, they still mean you can only resell the products or what you create, as personal use to your customers. This is NOT PLR!


A private label rights product gives you a special license that allows you to completely own the product. PLR means that you get the full rights to edit and distribute the product. You do not need to credit the original author, and all the profits that you generate are entirely yours PLUS you can make changes wherever you see fit, including using your own license terms. 

You can sell it as is, as your own if you choose to, as there is no need to write your own books, articles, or create your own videos, hence the DFY or Done For You label, meaning the marketing materials are all done-for-you! 

This type of business model is simple and easy to implement and market. Bottom line means that you can use the ready-made product, take it apart and repurpose it, and sell it as you please, under your own license terms.


Some of our products may be labeled as MRR. We strive to only sell PLR first, and occasionally MRR, but there are so many great uses for MRR products, I do not want to exclude them entirely. What that means for you, you get full rights to the product (Master Resell Rights) and you can change or add your name to the sales letter, make up your own, and generally do much the same as PLR, except for one major area, you can not change or modify the main product, and you can most times only sell the product as MRR, or less..... Sometimes you can simply use parts of the package, as blog insertions, or to create a course, but if you are reselling the product in full, it must be sold unaltered, altho you have the right to create your own sales letters and promo for the product.

I try to add MRR products that are unbranded initially, but sometimes the original author will be inside the product (such as an eBook) but these products are the next best things to PLR, and just as valuable. You will find some very useful products to resell in this category.

I try to make these definitions as clear as possible on every product description, but always read the license terms inside each product, or ask questions before purchasing. I am always available to answer questions, and will do so within a reasonable time frame.


You can use our PLR products to rebrand and sell as your own, 100% legally! I do however, recommend creating your own covers for the product, and in some cases this is mandatory.

You can use our articles for blog posts to become an authority in your niche. 

Perfect for bloggers and internet marketers alike.

Use for bonuses. Great for affiliates to promote an offer.

Build a membership site and charge a monthly fee. 

Use to create a training course and sell it.

Create real physical products, such as print-on-demand books, create DVDs or CD's from tutorials or an audio course.

Use in your autoresponder, using PLR content will save you time and build your mailing list. 

Use PLR video content as your own to upload to your YouTube channel.

Plus so much more...

We want you to succeed, if you succeed, we succeed, and that is what it is all about!

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