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What the heck is an Evergreen Website

No, it's not the row of Evergreens growing as beautiful landscape across the mountain ranges and plains.

Evergreen niches are those in which the information doesn't change very often, if at all. Gardening is an example of an evergreen market - things aren't really much different today than they were 50 years ago. Computer-related niches, on the other hand, are not very evergreen. Every few months things change enough that information prior to that becomes outdated.

If you choose an evergreen topic for your membership site, it not only means you won't have to update the information very often but you can continue selling to new members and using the same content for months or even years to come.

The best way to run an evergreen membership is to have some kind of drip-feed system in place to deliver the content. When a new member joins, they start at the beginning of the content and receive updates on a pre-defined schedule.

For instance, let's say your membership gets new content on a weekly basis. If someone signs up today, they start at module 1 and four weeks from now they will be on module 4. Anyone who joins four weeks from now still starts at module one and continues on the pre-defined schedule

As long as you don't have a community like a forum where members can interact with one another, it makes no difference if different members are at different points in the content stream - it's evergreen content so it's always relevant.

There is another option, however, if you're planning to have a forum or the content is such that everyone should be getting the same thing, no matter when they join. You can let members pay extra to access previous months' content.

This would work well in a situation like a PLR membership where members would expect to get the most current content every month. If someone were to sign up six months from now and receive the PLR pack that others received six months prior, that probably wouldn't be very effective. Instead, allowing newer members to pay for access to any previous months' content that they're interested in would work much better. As long as the topics are evergreen, they would still be just as useful to them.

If you plan to offer a forum as part (or all) of your membership, choosing an evergreen topic makes it easier to manage. When new members join the forum, it's a lot more effective if they can go back and learn from all the previous posts as well as the new ones. If it's a topic that changes regularly, much of that archival content probably won't be very useful any longer.

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What the heck is an Evergreen Website

What the heck is an Evergreen Website No, it's not the row of Evergreens growing as beautiful landscape across the mountain ranges and p...

What the heck is an Evergreen Website