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What Are Healing Gardens?

Healing gardens are said to improve the health, providing a sense of calm and tranquility. Many studies have shown the benefits getting out into nature can provide. However, with a healing garden you get maximum health and wellbeing benefits.

Wondering what the difference is between a standard and a healing garden? Below, you’ll discover everything you need to know.

What exactly is a healing garden?

A healing garden is typically found in a hospital or healthcare setting. They are designed to promote healing and provide a safe haven for patients. 

Healing gardens are often confused with therapeutic gardens. While they share many of the same benefits, they are slightly different from one another. With a therapeutic garden, they are designed to meet specific needs of certain health conditions. Healing gardens however, tend to provide benefits to a wider range of people.

There are actually different types of healing gardens you can create, and each has their own unique benefits. 

What elements make up a healing garden?

A healing garden is designed with safety and comfort in mind. It needs to be a place you feel safe escaping to, so having the garden enclosed is recommended. 

Bright, colorful flowers are also a key part of a healing garden. This provides a beautiful visual which will really please the senses and aid in relaxation. 

Sounds also play a role in a healing garden. Water features are commonly added for the soothing trickling sounds they produce. There will be a wildlife section where you’ll hear the sounds of insects and birds.

You’ll want to include things which stimulate your sense of smell too. Flowers and herbs are great to add into a healing garden due to their pleasant, strong scent. 

Finally, your sense of touch will be activated as you run your fingers over the velvety stems of the flowers. Put simply, a healing garden includes things which stimulate and enhance all of your five senses. 

Things to consider when creating a healing garden

Now you know what a typical healing garden includes, there are a few tips to create one which works well for you. These include:

Choose colors which support the emotions you want to feel
Don’t forget to add lighting
Block out intrusive noises
Create the layout first
Consider the natural elements

Color plays a key role in a healing garden, so you should pay close attention to the ones you choose. You’ll want to focus on colors that evoke the emotions you want to feel. For example, if you’re looking to de-stress and relax, blues and greens tend to be the most calming. If you’re battling depression, opt for vibrant colors such as reds and pinks. 

You’ll also want to add some form of lighting to the garden. Ideally, you should opt for low volume lighting to provide a more subtle, beautiful light. 

One of the key challenges of designing a healing garden, is blocking out noise. If you live in a fairly noisy area, construct a thick wall around the garden. The thicker the wall the better, and for enhanced noise reduction, include some vegetation too. You can also add a water feature to create soothing noise inside the garden.

It’s really important to start with the layout first. Decide where everything is going to go and how you want the garden to look. Only once you have the basic layout planned out, can you start choosing the elements you want to include.

Finally, consider the natural elements in your garden’s design. When it’s sunny, where will you sit out and enjoy the warmer weather? This will make a difference to where you’ll want to plant trees and large outdoor furnishings. You will also want to focus on blocking out strong winds once you’ve established where they are coming from.

Healing gardens can provide so many great benefits. The above are just some of the elements incorporated into their design. 

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What Are Healing Gardens? Healing gardens are said to improve the health, providing a sense of calm and tranquility. Many studies have shown...

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